Best SNES emulators for PC and Android in 2019

Play SNES games on PC

Personally I consider that the golden age of video games was lived in from 1990 with the launch of Super Nintendo Entertainment System or, more commonly called SNES. If you also share this love for the old Nintendo console and its video games, you should know that there are ways to revive those classic titles like Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country and Mortal Kombat 3 thanks to SNES PC emulators.

Download SNES games

Before we start talking about SNES emulators for PC, we must remind you that these are of no use if you do not get the games you want to be able to emulate them in these programs.

On the internet there is a wide variety of sites that offer these games for free and finding them is really simple. Although there are not many sites in Spanish that contain them, you can do a Google search of “SNES Rooms” and below you will find many websites that will offer you different SNES games.

Let’s start with emulators, which really are the most difficult to find and differentiate between good and bad.


snes9x emulador

The first SNES emulator for PC that we will show you will be SNES9X. With it you can play SNES games on the PC, in addition to Super Famicom Nintendo games alike. In emulation issues this program works perfectly and allows you to run most of the catalog of games of that time.

It also allows you to record and load games as well as add filters and insert tricks for ammunition or lives, depending on the clear game.

Without a doubt, SNES9X is the best SNES emulator that you can find since it has portability for Windows, MacOS and Linux, in addition to this it has a Windows simile interface that transforms it into a simple option to understand and quite friendly for users. Not very specialized users.

As a last favorable point we must emphasize that it has the possibility to choose between playing with the keyboard or with a control, being able to configure the buttons according to the original SNES command, including the classic TURBO button, which will allow you to advance those scenes that you really




ZSNES has all the features of SNES9X, however it can be an emulator with some problems from time to time, we talk about some jumps or errors that close your game causing you to lose all progress. We also highlight that it is a trusted emulator and that it really works quite well with classic titles.

With a slightly more retro atmosphere and, an interface not as normal as that of SNES9X, this other emulator will offer you the possibility to record and load games, use the Turbo button and even connect your light gun if you still have it saved , although I don’t know how you will connect it haha.

ZSNES is available for Windows, Linux and even MacOS. Like all the programs that we will show you, ZSNES is a free SNES emulator for PC.



Once known as BSNES and now part of Higan, this Nintendo game emulator allows you to run titles of:

  • Famicom
  • Super Famicom (SNES)
  • Game boy
  • Game Boy Color
  • Game Boy Advance

Higan has continued the legacy of BSNES and has maintained the emulator while improving it. Without a doubt, this is a strong option for the two emulators mentioned above since it faithfully reproduces SNES games in colors and animations.



SNESbox is the solution if what you want is a quick and simple game without installing or downloading anything. SNESbox is an online SNES game emulator that works from the browser and even allows you to play online with, or against, another person simply by sharing a link to a URL.

The site has a lot of games in its gallery, to be more specific are 1861 games and 11337 ROMs.

As all games are emulated through Flash within the browser, sometimes errors, bugs or lack of coordination with the buttons can be found, however we are talking about a very effective, fast and simple online emulator, and that in addition to everything is found in Spanish.

To save a game it is necessary to create a free account within the service that allows us to then load it since the games are stored within the same site.

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