Best Adblock for Chrome 2019

We show you here which are the best advertising blockers in Chrome

If you no longer support the ads, videos, pop-up or pop-up windows that appear every time you browse the internet and enter a page, it may be time to install an advertising blocker. In case you didn’t know, there are many applications and extensions that block those annoying pop-up bars and windows, and here we have selected the five best advertising blockers in Chrome. It is important to keep in mind that when you install an ad blocker, many of the free websites – such as Digital Trends, for example – depend on advertising revenue to operate. In other words: it would be good if your favorite sites continue to work as you see them now, including them in the “white list” of allowed sites so you can enjoy them without problems.



Although it works a little differently than some of the other ad blockers on this list, Ghostery is still a very useful tool to customize your web browsing experience to your liking. Its main function is to block web crawlers and analysis tools that collect your information, but it also has its own ad blocker.

What really attracts people to Ghostery over some of the other available alternatives, are their deepest options for users. To facilitate customization even for those who are not very skilled in cybernetics, Ghostery breaks down each page you visit with detailed information on the types of trackers and ads used on that particular site. Then, you can remove individual items or create wider locks.

The only real drawback of Ghostery is that you need to spend some time telling you how you want it to work. While other ad blockers work fine as they come, if you try to use Ghostery without customizing it, many aspects of the web may not work well. However, if you take a little time, Ghostery can become your favorite tool and your best ally in your web browsing experience.



Another popular ad blocker for Chrome is AdGuard, which is able to effectively block almost all side or embedded ads on static websites, social networks and video streaming sites, as well as being aware of pop-ups or ads. emerging.

The Chrome Lite extension, which is free, has additional options to block the tracking and installation of malicious software and adware. One of its greatest benefits is its ability to accelerate the web browsing experience and reduce bandwidth, by reducing all the unnecessary mess that comes with some ads and crawlers.

Some users have reported annoying notifications trying to encourage them to buy the premium version, but other than that, AdGuard has almost universally positive reviews of its millions of users.

UBlock Origin

UBlock Origin

Completely free and open source, UBlock Origin is another popular ad blocking extension for Google Chrome, because it does a great job blocking advertising without affecting the system in the process. With more than 10 million users as of 2017, it remains one of the most used blockers today.

By using block lists similar to AdBlock Plus, UBlock offers comparable blocking capabilities, but also takes advantage of surveys of what style resources are required for individual web pages, so it can be more efficient in its operation. It has also stood out for its specific ability to counter annoying pop-under ads, or lower pop-ups, which have become more common as more browsers come with their own pop-up blockers.

Users can also take advantage of UBlock filters for ads, malware and privacy issues, as well as add their own custom filters. Individual sites can be included in the “white list” by pressing the ‘Power’ button inside the tool itself, and there are details of the statistics that let you know how effective that tool has been since its installation.

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is the original application to block online ads, and it is still as popular today as it was when it first came to dominate the web. Combining a blocking technology that eliminates advertisements from banner ads, social media ads, and pop-ups, AdBlock Plus offers a complete ad blocking service for everyone who installs your Chrome extension.

With an easy-to-navigate interface and a list of customizable filters, you can decide exactly which ads you want to see and which ones you don’t want to see again. Its “white list” feature allows you to ensure that your favorite sites continue to show some ads so they can continue to work and, if you allow “Acceptable Ads,” you can let a few pass automatically to help sites that adhere to the rules.

Keep in mind that about five years ago, AdBlock Plus was accused of secretly offering some companies the publication of their ads in exchange for payments under the table, and those accusations were not completely denied by AdBlock Plus. The company seems to make unique agreements with larger organizations, which could pass up some additional announcements.


Adblock for Chrome

As one of the most used ad blockers in the world, we would be negligent if we did not give an initial mention to AdBlock. With its self-explanatory name and its long availability, it is generally the option that people turn to when they consider blocking online ads.

The AdBlock extension for Chrome works automatically, blocking ads on static web pages and online video sites like YouTube. It also allows you to configure “white lists” of sites and types of ads that you want to allow through the filter, if you wish. Through its subscription system to a list of filters, you can customize your web browsing experience so that only the ads you like are shown, or uncheck all and have almost everything blocked.

You can even make the application eliminate other aspects of the website that you dislike, such as social network links, and thus protect you against possible malware attacks.

Adblock participates in the initiative known as “Acceptable Ads” or “Acceptable Ads”, so there are ads that it allows, if they meet certain requirements. AdBlock is also known for having few resources, especially if you want to have many tabs open at the same time, and some users claim that it does not particularly block YouTube ads.

Although it could be said that it is not the best ad blocker on our list, AdBlock is still a solid option.

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